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Racing Journal (November - December 2009)

2009 Year in Review:

2009 Highlights:
- 809.83 '09 race miles; 88 '09 races; 1,033.84 total '09 running miles!
- 5 ultras; 3 marathons! 1st Boston!
- Series places: 3rd in 30-39 PCTR; 4th 30-39 PA Ultra series (next year!); DSE [to come]
- 3 mud races; 3 snowshoe races; 1 all women's trail race; 5 night races!
- 1 broken fibula!
- Favorite race of the year: Pike's Peak Marathon!!!
- Lease favorite race of the year: Ohlone! I'll get you someday my nemesis long ass hill climb!
- Favorite new sport: Snowshoeing!

2008 & 2009 Combined Stats:
- 1,434.72 total race miles to date ('08 & '09); 156 total races to date ('08 & 09)
- 6 Ultras
- 5 Marathons

Week 52 (12/21-12/31)
Week 52 miles: 8.1
Week 52 race miles: 8.1
2009 TOTAL MILES: 1033.84
2009 TOTAL RACE MILES: 809.83
2009 TOTAL RACES: 88

Wrapped up this year with a fizzle and a drizzle, well, drizzly weather anyway. Despite being in recovery, thought I'd jog a Christmas race in Richmond (5-miler) and proved to myself I can't jog races anymore - I ended up sprinting out a girl for second place female in the last 50m of the race lol. I did have fun with the Mission Rock 5k, mostly b/c I pushed it only to about 90% and also because Chikara was eating hot dogs then running and then eating again so that was interesting and also Jason decided to run the entire race BACKWARDS! LOL. He told me he was planning to do somethingthat would make him run slower than me by a lot, but I didn't guess what he was planning til just before the race started when I saw he was not donning any funny costume. He was around 8-10 mins slower than me - it was pretty funny.

Race Stats:
Richmond Christmas 5-Miler: 2nd F; 3rd Overall; forget time, somewhere slow around 40.
DSE Mission Rock 5k: stats to come

Week 50-51 (12/7-12/20)
Week 50&51 miles: 7.5; 9.07
Week 50&51 race miles: 7.5; 9.07
2009 miles: 1025.44
2009 race miles: 801.73
2009 races: 86

Running: Well almost to the end of 2009! Not exactly how I was planning to end the racing year but it's not that bad either. Knee's still injured, foot's on the mend but not there yet...trying some new things, thinking a lot about foot strenthening in general and experimenting with different types of shoes. I think I'll save the running highlights of '09 for the next post. For now, I think I'm on an official race break for a bit since a) need to rest foot/knee anyway; and b) no good races during this time of year around here. I'll continue swimming. Added one new workout, below.

Race Stats:
Coastal Muir Beach 5M (actually 4.4M):
DSE Rainbow Falls 5K: 23:14; 7:28/M; 46/144; 7th F
PCTR Rodeo Beach 8K: 41:42; 8:31/M; 21/106; 2nd F Age; 4th F
Christmas Classic 1M: [to come]
Christmas Classic 5K: [to come]

After same warm-up:
1x50, 100, 150, 200 w/RI 15
30s rest
1x200 kick
30s rest
1x200, 150, 100, 50, RI 15 with 200 and 150 moderate and 100 and 50 fast
then same cooldown

Week 49 (11/30 - 12/6)
mini post:

Running: Well, I decided to test out the running again with a very slowly jogged Ferry Building 4-miler...ran a 10 minute mile and then gradually sped up - unfortunately, after 2 miles, same issue with the left knee tweaking out, so I sped up because going faster hurt less, but overall, not ideal! Means my right foot and calf is still not strong enough I guess - not going to run again for a while, til I get more strenth in the right's so odd because I can lift a ton on it doing squats, etc. and swim with no issue...

Swimming: Have done 2 more of the swim workouts (described below), adding on 3 100s and 100 extra for the kick, so it's now the below workout, plus warm-up and cool-down, and I'm totally digging it! I'm going to change it up a bit soon though just to keep things interesting :) I'm feeling better in the water after a few of these workouts. :)
8x100 free w/20s rest intervals (RIs) @ med pace; 2 min rest
1x200 kick; 2 min rest
5x50 free w/45 RIs @fast pace

Race Stats:

DSE Ferry Building 4M: 37:15; 9:18; 70/123; 21st F - note, going faster felt better on injury

Week 47&48 (11/16-11/29)
Week 47&48 miles: 8.1
Week 47&48 race miles: 8.1
2009 miles 1014.87
2009 race miles: 781.16
2009 races: 80

Week 47 I had to reign in it and not run at all so I thought I'd be good for one of my faves - the Turkey Trail Trot in Golden Gate Park on Thanksgiving day. Unfortunately, every thing felt screwy, my ankle/foot hurt and my knee on the other side flared up around 3 miles in. I was running all wonky. I still managed around an 8:30 pace, but that doesn't make me happy, and in the 5K on Sunday I had to walk the last part. I need to take a real break from running until foot is healed up all the way!!! So, in the meantime, I'm converting this blog for a little while into a NEW NEWBIE SWIMMING BLOG. that's right. I've been swimming inconsistently for a little less than a year, teaching myself freestyle (couldn't do it really before), reading up on the subject and getting tips from masters swimmers in neighboring lanes...that being said, today I did my first real pre-planned swim workout, and I liked it better than what I've been doing. I did:
50 breast stroke
50 free (with hand gloves)
50 kickboard
200 free + stretch triceps, lats, forearms
100 freestyle kick + stretch quads, hams, calves & feet
5x100 free w/20s rest intervals (RIs) @ med pace
2 min rest
1x100 kick
2 min rest
5x50 free w/45 RIs @fast pace
100 free with gloves
100 free @ easy pace
50 backstroke
I really liked this workout, especially adding in the sprints, which was hard for me. I thought I could do more at the end though, so next time I'll do 8x100 free w/20s RIs instead of only 5, and 1x200 kick instead of the 1x100kick.

Race Stats:
Turkey Trail Trot 5M: 42:51; 128/709 overall; 12/157 Age
Run Wild For a Child 5K: 26:26; 157/1016 overall; 44/594 F; 8/40 Age

Week 46 (11/9-11/15)
Week 46 Miles: 13.8
Week 46 Race Miles: 10.1
2009 Miles: 1006.77
2009 Race Miles: 773.06
2009 Races: 78

Back in action! Well, kind of. What a lesson in patience this past two months has been! Thursday the 12th was the first day I could run again (3.7 on the dish) and then I followed it with 2 races this weekend, one trails, one paved. was too much. My foot swelled up and still hurts (as of Wednesday). So, I learned my limits for now - no doing 2 races in a row, must ice after a race and rest and maybe 7 miles is a bit long right now. And of course my cardio endurance is down and my speed, but it will come back in time...Anyway, enough about that. What have I been doing for the last two months, you ask. Well, I've been:
- lifting like crazy to prepare for a figure competition next May (hopefully);
- endeavoring to swim (better); and
- training to be a BodyPump instructor (this is totally new to me and out of my element entirely), for which I have to prepare a video of me teaching an entire class (lots of memorization involved)!
Now that my foot's better in general, these are my weekly workout goals:
- Run - 2-4 times per week, short, gentle;
- Swim - 2-3 times per week, learn the swim workouts in the book I have;
- Lift - 3 times per week, twice with trainer, once on own;
- Bodypump - at least 3 times per week - learn all fo the class tracks and film video!
- Maintain 10 overhand pull-ups; get to 15 underhanded - hit 100 pushups before end of year!!! (see my pullup club on Facebook);
- Yoga - aim for 2 times per week, but at least once per week - I've let this slip some and I'm not happy about it;
- Once foot gets better, soccer and more running!

I can handle all of it, really!

Race Stats:
Folsom Lake 7M 11/14: 1:03:28; 4th Overall (including males); 4th Female
DSE Rockaway Beach 5K 11/15: 25:12; 8th F; 2nd Age

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