Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Racing Journal (September 2009)

Week 37 (9/7-9/13)
Week 37 miles: 11.7

Week 37 race miles: 2.6
2009 miles: 994.97
2009 race miles: 762.96
2009 races: 76

And...out of commission with a broken fibula due to roll at around mile 12 of the Stevens Creek 50K. I was in the lead and thought I had a chance of maintaining it, was feeling great and was going downhill when I stepped funny on an evil little twig. Hard cast for 4 weeks and who knows how long recovery back to running will take after that. I'm trying not to dwell on the missed races (Firetrails! Whiskeytown! Probably Quad Dipsea/CIM!) and the missed fall soccer season that I was really looking forward to. This shit happens sometimes. My goals now are to work on my pull-up goal of 10 overhanded, my push-up goal of 100 in a row and getting a ripped upper bod! At least in 3 weeks (as I write this) I'll be able to swim a little. Forced rest is not good for the psyche. Prior to the Stevens Creek race, I ran the Mt. Tam Hill Climb, my absolute favorite race of the year, and I managed to get 10th place for the women (you get a shirt with your place number on the back) and in that competitive group, I was pretty happy with that! I can't wait for that race next year. :) May not be updating this each week like usual since I'm out of commission for a while but check in just in case!

Race Stats:
Mt Tam Hill Climb - [to come]; 10th Female

Week 36 (8/31-9/6)
Week 36 miles: 37.25
Week 37 race miles: 24.25
2009 miles: 983.27
2009 race miles: 760.36
2009 races: 75
Awesome triple race Labor Day weekend! I'll include the Labor Day race in next week's numbers since I usually count Mon-Sunday as a week. Made it to the Mather Mud Race, which they called a 5-miler but based on times was clearly more like 4.25, which is what I'd call a significantly short course! The race itself was fun - you had to do 5 ("1-mile") loops, so that meant going through all the obstacles 5 times, including the giant mud pit, a couple wall climbs, tires and crawl shoots. I think I was the second or third woman, but I can't be sure since everyone got mixed up and then they didn't announce top 3 overalls (or even top 1 overalls!) just age group results (without times)...still waiting for results. Run on the Sly 20M was good but not "awesome" - I loved Jenkinson Lake, but didn't really love the fact that we ran a lot of fireroad and horse trails (maybe that's all they have out that way??) I mean, rough on the feet, sandy and not as pretty as nice single track, but maybe I'm just a bit spoiled here in the Bay Area!
I think since I do a bunch of races I'm starting to build a list in my head of some race "best practices" that I feel compelled to list out a few at a time:

1) please announce top 3 overall male and female, or at the very least the first place male and female - it is very frustrating to come in, for example, 2nd place female overall but then only get an age group award (that may or may not be a first place);

2) if overall awards are done, award the next 3 at least in the age group categories who didn't place in the overall - it is really encouraging for runners to get these awards so a few extra awards to people who placed relatively well is a good thing;

3) more races should give a discounted "no t-shirt" option, or else they should stop asking me my size and then running out of them before I get my shirt! what a waste!

4) if you have a trail run, try to pick the best trails available if you have a choice! I mean, if there is gorgeous single track, don't pick the ugly, sandy, smelly horsed up fireroad right next to it! but if you do pick it, it should be because you needed to locate an aid station someplace!

That's it for now....

Race Results:
Mather Mud Race 5M - 32:27.25*; 24/152 overall; 4th F; 2nd Age *this race was probably more like 4.25M per my guess...
Run on the Sly 20M - [to come] 6th F; 1st Age

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