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Running Journal April 2009

Week 17 (4/21-4/26)
Week 17 miles: 3.6
Week 17 race miles: 3.1
2009 miles: 433.8
2009 race miles: 281.59
2009 races: 25

Takin' it easy after Boston. Had a nice 5K at the Polo Field with DSE on Sunday, but that was it this week. Went down to San Diego and spent a great day at the zoo and at Sea World - I loved Shamu and I got to pet a dolphin :) This coming weekend's the Calistoga to Santa Cruz Relay so it should be interesting...

Race Stats:
DSE Polo Field 5K - 23:03; 7:25/M; 38/147; 2nd F

Week 16 (4/13-4/20)
Week 16 miles: 27.2
Week 16 race miles: 26.2 - FIRST BOSTON
2009 miles: 430.2
2009 race miles: 278.49
2009 races: 24

Well, wow, Boston's over and done with! What a wild week. The Artichoke Half Marathon the Sunday before left me with a sprained hamstring that was a major source of stress leading up to Boston - I tried to run a really scenic Massachusetts 5k on the Thursday before Boston and I actually had to DNF out of the race (for the first time ever) after a mile because it hurt so bad! I was pretty sure I wouldn't actually be able to run Boston at all, but I had to plan as if I would. So, come Monday morning, I ate well and had my coffee and a handful of advil (not really that many, about 4). I got to the race and got psyched up watching the elites take off - very cool to see. I took off in the third corral of wave 2 and did about an 8:28 first mile due to the crowd, but my hamstring felt fine so I picked it up. After that I kept up an 8:05 clip for way too long. I kept telling myself to slow up after the downhill ended, but every mile that went by was just another 8:05, resulting in a 1:46 first half - way too fast for me. Sure enough, I was tired by the time I was approaching the hill and battling a bonk for pretty much the rest of the race. I think next year (since I'm already qualified) I'll definitely try to control that first half pace a lot better! My second half was around 20 minutes slower than my first, which is ridiculous. But, that being said, despite my lack of training and series of injuries leading up to the race, I still did way way better than Phoenix so I'm actually happy with my time. I think I'm learning a lesson about stupid races pre-important races though. And I'm gonna let myself rest after this marathon - no skyline to the sea 50k this time (i wanted to do it b/c it was my first ultra last year, but oh well). Looking forward to the Relay and Quicksilver...
Race Stats:
Boston Marathon - 3:46:52; 12,236/23,162; 3,552/9432- female; 2522/5093 division (female 18-39)

Week 15 (4/6-4/12)
Week 15 miles: 43.8
Week 15 race miles: 29
2009 miles: 403
2009 race miles: 252.29
2009 races: 23

Well, finally, I had a couple of decent races after a while of blahhh. Saturday was the Envirosports Muir Woods 25K and, I have to say, it's one of my favorite courses around. I especially like the part after you finish the tiny road section after the pantoll aid station and you're winding down for what seems like forever through the ewok forest! Although, this year, I managed to fall down during this part, probably b/c I was letting myself go pretty fast, faster than my usual conservative downhills. My knees felt fine, which makes a huge difference! In fact, for the whole race, I went almost a minute faster per mile than last year's race - I cut 13 minutes of my April '08 time! I'm pretty jazzed about that. The whole time, I kept thinking, just try to beat last year's time (~2:38), I was even going fast down the last set of stairs, and proud that I didn't hurt myself, when I popped out into the easy downhill trail, and rolled my ankle like you wouldn't believe - I heard a snap! After a bit of limping, I was able to run the rest of the way without too much pain so I figured it was either nothing or it'd swell up later after the race adrenaline vanished. It did end up hurting later, but not so bad, I iced it and elevated it over night, and was able to run the half marathon the next day. The half was in Pescadero and the course ran along hilly paved roads and into a redwood forest for a bit. I tried to stay with the lead woman most of the way even though I knew I was pushing a faster pace than I planned, but figured I might actually be able to kick at the end and beat her. Around mile 8, the third place woman just came whizzing by out of nowhere (apparently she had been holding back) and zipped past both of us - the lead woman tried to stay with her, but couldn't hang. Meanwhile, I knew I couldn't speed up enough to stay with either, so I was good with third and thought I might be able to catch up to second, but it wasn't meant to be. Around mile 9, I got the sharpest most awful burning pain up the back of my left knee. I tried to keep going and ignore it thinking it would go away, but it proceeded to get worse and somehow I managed to keep a decent pace during the next four miles, but three other women went by, which was disheartening to say the least. I knew I couldn't go faster though, so there really wasn't much I could do. It felt like a real injury and all I could think about was whether it would affect Boston on the 20th. My time through the end was around a 1:47, which was decent considering the course was about .4 long (the race director said it was long at 13.5M), so that means my time at the half was around high 1:44-1:45, which I'm happy with considering I ran the day before. I did cook and eat the free artichoke we received as our race swag. Anyway, going to see my sports massage guy to work out the kinks and then I'm out to Mass this Thursday with the somewhat pyschotic intent of doing four 5Ks and the marathon while I'm there - we'll see! Can't wait to eat my old law school staple while I'm there - an Anna's black bean burrito! :D

Race Stats:
Envirosports Muir Woods 25K - 2:25:57; ~9:25/M; 34/157; 8th F; 1st Age
Artichoke Pescadero 13.5M - ~1:47:25; 6th F [other stats unknown/race director doesn't post]

Week 14 (3/30-4/5)
Week 14 miles: 31.9
Week 14 race miles: 13.1
2009 miles: 359.2
2009 race miles: 223.29
2009 races: 21

This weekend was a blur. I woke up early Saturday morning and drove up to the Marin Headlands for the envirosports trail half marathon I was racing. The race went well enough. I liked how at the end of the race, there was about a mile of fast downhill road and then at least a quarter mile on the beach at the very end. The sand was deep and pebbly, the kind that swallows your feet - so it was very difficult to run through, but I was proud of myself for passing at least three people on that part and finishing strong. Then, I didn't tarry at the finish because I wanted to speed over to Auburn to try to catch Jason's finish at the AR 50. I thought that race started at 6:30 so I might make it, but it turns out it started at 6, so both Chikara and Jason were already there when I arrived after great races for both of them. After hanging out in the sun and watching the racers coming in for a while, we drove back to San Bruno and then I headed up to Berkeley to meet a relative - it was around 9:15 by the time I arrived and around 11:30 I got home and just crashed. Unfortunately, I didn't set my alarm right and I woke up the next morning way late for the DSE race that I really wanted to run! Turned out okay though since I volunteered and got a good run in along the Great Highway when it was sunny there for once. It was so nice I pondered moving closer to SF. After that I went and visited a friend - a visit long overdue since her baby is now talking and walking and the last time I saw her, she was basically a newborn! Well, my foot is slightly better than last week, and I'm thinking I might try some different shoes, even though the ones I'm using, I've used forever...just never know.

Race Stats:
Envirosports Marin Headlands Half Marathon - 2:03:54; 48/254 overall; 13th F; 5th Age

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