Thursday, March 12, 2009

Running Journal March 2009

Week 13 (3/23-3/29)
Week 13 miles: 28
Week 13 race miels: 15
2009 miles: 327.3
2009 race miles: 210.19
2009 races: 20

The highlight of this week was the Big Sur Mud Run, which was down in Monterey the CSU military base. The race was 5 hot miles of mostly trail and sand with a hill climb one giant woodchip pile that had to be climbed and four mud pits, one with a balance beam and pushups at the end! Jason got fifth overall and won a nice plaque, but I didn't quite make top five. The day was nice and sunny and cold mud actually felt good. Also this week, after the Presidio 10 miler, which was enjoyable because of the sun in San Francisco and interesting (but slow) course, Jason and Chikara and new DSE friend Mark went to run/climb up Mt. Tam and back down. Jason and Chikara went up ahead so Mark and I hiked most of the way up and ran down, exploring as we went. Great views for once off of Tam in the sunny clear skies. It was a good weekend! My foot's still off but I think it's on the mend (crossing fingers).

Race Stats:
Big Sur Mud Run [stats to come]
Presidio 10M - 1:23:58; 245/764 overall; 15/80 Age

Week 12 (3/16-3/22)
Week 12 miles: 29.75
Week 12 race miles: 26.05
2009 miles: 299.3
2009 race miles: 195.19
2009 races: 18

This week, I went to see Dave the torturer again. He worked on my hips a long time, but again, I wasn't sore the next day. I tried to run the dish on Friday and it was a bit painful, so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull off a Pirate's Cove race the next day. Strangely, on the day of Pirate's Cove, nothing hurt all that bad. I mean, I knew I couldn't go crazy on the downhills, but other than that, I felt okay and my foot didn't bother me too much. My time was only a few minutes better than last year's, but that was plenty good enough considering my expectatons going in. The 12k on Sunday hurt a bit more and was in the middle of the strongest winds I've ever run in! I was sandblasted around mile 4 as the wind rolled in from the Bay and kicked up the beach sand! My time was still okay. And, today, as I write this, my foot isn't terrible, so maybe I can get a few decent runs in this week before next weekend's wild mud run. I heard of a dirt track in sunnyvale I want to check out. I want to try to do some faster short runs for speed for Boston purposes...we'll see how it goes.

Race Stats:
Pirate's Cove 30K - 3:14:11; 10:20/M; 40/116; 9th F; 4th Age
DSE Ft. Point 12K - 59:?; 4th F [stats to come]

Week 11 (3/9-3/15)
Week 11 miles: 16.5!
Week 11 race miles: 7.45
2009 miles: 269.55
2009 race miles: 169.14
2009 races: 16

Got a totally awesome deep muscle sports massage at F.I.T. by Dave, my new favorite guy - it hurt so bad I swore out loud at least 3 times! But after, I felt my muscles were so much more relaxed and fluid. My foot issue was still there, though, so I took it really easy and swam a lot last week, not to mention the few crossfit workouts I threw in. I ran the Emerald Across the Bay again and basically ran the same time as last year, which is fine considering I haven't been training for that kind of thing. I forgot how hard that course is! On the fast New Balance team (excluding me!), I was the fifth team member so we could officially score a women's open team, which was great considering how well the other women ran - they are amazing! NB hooked me up with a pair of racing flats that I can try out in one of my road 5ks, which made doing the race totally worth it. My conclusion - it's time again to do some speedwork and get my legs spinning.

Race Stats:
Emerald Across the Bay 12K: 59:19 (minus 10 secs at start); 7:57/M; 521/2860; 155th F; 31st Age

Week 10 (3/2-3/8)
Week 10 miles: 24.25
Week 10 race miles: 7.75
2009 miles: 253.05
2009 race miles: 161.69
2009 races: 15

Snowshoeing pics:

This week ended with a wonderful trip to Portland and Mt. Hood for the National Snowshoe Championship race. The course was straight uphill and then back down a windy single track. I felt like I ran a lot harder than at the Bear Valley qualifier, but my time wasn't much different, so either it was a harder course or I have no idea what's up. We got a ride up with a fellow snowshoer named Rick and ended up running the relay event 3x2.5K as well with a guy named Andy as our third member. We were the only mixed team out of 7 teams, and all I could think was, with all those elite women racers there, how could not a single other woman want to double up and do the relay? Even as a cooldown. I was disappointed by that a bit. On the relay uphill, I ran in probably the worst weather I've ever run in - was pelted with icy snow and wind and had to hold my coat over my face, but it all cleared up at the top of the hill. I managed a good time and had lots of fun, though I preferred the feel of the Bear Valley race more. Looking forward to next year's snowshoeing season.

Race Stats:

U.S. Snowshoe National Championship 10K - 1:13:25; 2nd Age - 1:13:25; 13/36 overall; 2nd Age (excluding top 3 women)

U.S. Snowshoe Relay 3x2.5K - between 1:02:46 and 1:07:43 (only mixed team)

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