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Running Journal (May 2009)

Week 22 (5/26-5/31)
Week 22 miles: 37.3
Week 22 race miles: 31.1
2009 miles: 603.9
2009 race miles: 422.24
2009 races: 34

Ohhhhhlone. I just didn't have it in me for this race. Long. Grueling. Lots of climbing. The one good thing I liked were the seemingly pristine untouched by mad lily pad ponds at the top sof the hills along the course. I made it to the end (finally) and am doing my best not to question my entire running plans due to one bad race, but in general I'm really ready for a break from ultras, which I'll have now for the next couple of months. Too many ultras in a month makes for slow and painful races! Time to concentrate for a while on shorter races, speedwork and long training runs on my own! Also taking swimming lessons and doing more yoga. Makes for a good summer plan I think :)

Race Stats:
Ohlone Wildnerness 50K - 7:54:05; 110/155; 11th Age

Week 21 (5/18 - 5/25)
Week 21 miles: 18.6
Week 21 race miles: 18.6
2009 miles: 566.6
2009 race miles: 391.14
2009 races: 33

Triple race weekend completed! I didn't have high hopes for the Morgan Hill race going in, but it turned out to be a great little race. I did suggest to the race director that she include the directions to the start on the website link (it only appeared on the hard copy application), but I managed to find the start thanks to my friend's early arrival and timely phone call. The DSE race is on a course I absolutely love; in fact, it's my second or third favorite DSE race (after the Double Dipsea and Practice Dipsea). Unfortunately, this year I'll miss the Practice Dipsea due to Ohlone, which I'm feeling hesitant about doing... It'll be hard, long race but I'm hoping to finish better than in Silver State. After races on the two days before, the Marin race was slow for me and I finished middle of the pack for my age group. But that's what I get for pushing myself on the first two races - I have no regrets. The best part of the Marin race was the party at Eduardo's house after where bbq became synonomous with jumping pics. :D

Race Stats:
Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras 10K - 45:57; 2/22 Age; 3/64 F overall
DSE Golden Gate Vista 10K - 50:20; 39/111; 3rd F
Marin Memorial 10K - 47:08; 337/562; 22/40 Age

Week 20 (5/11-5/17)

Week 20 miles: 41.3
Week 20 race miles: 38.55
2009 miles: 548
2009 races: 30

Had a great time up in Reno for the Silver State 50K, which was definitely the hardest ultra I've run so far I'd say. It's a climb of 5800 feet and hit an elevation of 8,266 twice. On top of that, it was fairly hot out and I had just done the Quicksilver 50K the week before. I went in anticipating a slower time than usual and I guessed around 7 hours, but ended up finishing in 7:36:34 for my longest running time ever (by a lot)! I really felt the altitude as I "power hiked" up the big climb - I was breathing as hard as I would in a fast 5K even though I wasn't moving very fast at all! The course was very scenic with snow-capped peaks (Rose Peak, etc.) off in the distance and the trails wound through many wild flower covered fields. The trail was rocky and rooty, causing me to completely fall over once (first time on a trail to fall like that) and gash my hand (which is still infected). But overall, it was a good race and I'd do it again... On the way back, I saw Lake Tahoe for the first time and soaked my feet in the icy cold, while the crazy guys I was with decided to jump right in! After Silver State, I was ecstatic that I was able to run Bay to Breakers, my favorite SF race and I even managed a decent time despite starting way in the back! Love that race and the bbq at Fred's house after :) Can't wait 'til next year!

Race Stats:
Silver State 50K - 7:36:34; 30/39 overall; 8/11 F
Bay to Breakers - 1:04:59; 1649 overall; 269/11403 F; 96/3141 Age

Week 19 (5/4-5/10)
Week 19 miles :40
Week 19 race miles: 34.2
2009 miles: 506.7
2009 race miles: 333.99
2009 races: 28

My triumph this week was actually being able to recover fast enough from the 50K on Saturday to be able to run the DSE race on Sunday - not fast, but I could do it so I was pretty happy with that. I don't know if I'm building up recovery or if it was my shoes or the fact I walked a lot in the 50K (up the hills). Quicksilver was hot and hilly this year - I felt great for the first 15 miles or so but lost steam after that, finishing in a little over my skyline to the sea time, which I guess makes sense since it's a harder course and I certainly didn't push myself to my edge. I think I need to get consistent 40M training weeks going to be better prepared for these, but I still had fun and was glad to see Chikara win the 50-miler claiming a course record! He was already in when I finished! What a speedster :)

Race Stats:
Quicksilver 50K - [stats to come]
DSE Marina Green 5K - [stats to come]

Week 18 (4/27-5/3)
Week 18 miles: 32.9

Week 18 race miles: 18

2009 miles: 466.7

2009 race miles: 299.79

2009 races: 26

The Relay!!! What a ride! Thanks to Janet's amazing leadership, we all had a great experience (except for maybe Janet due to injury!)...I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone on the team and our drivers and volunteers for being so wonderful! We really couldn't have done it without you guys. I think our team did really well, placing 34th overall out of 222 teams and placing 13th in our competitive open men's division (despite everyone on the team being over 30 except for our 19 year old friend) out of 75 teams, with a finishing time of 27:38:34! Also, congrats to the other DSE racing team and Steve's team as well - great races all around. Some highlights of the race included Mike's wicked steep hill climb in leg 10, the mucky but fun cross-crounty like trail I ran in leg 8, the sleeping spot we found with amazing views of the GG bridge, Vincent and Rick's super speedy legs, Chikara and Kenley's high energy at exchange for leg 31 where we ran into them, Janet's amazing finish despite her injury and the Olallieberry jam and fresh strawberries I bought at the farmer's market at the finish! I'll post more pics on my facebook page.

Race Stats:

The Relay - 27:38:34; 34/222 overall; 13/75 division

My Relay legs: Leg 8 7.4M: 57:47 -7:49/M; Leg 20 5.9M: 51:15 - 8:41/M; Leg 32 4.7M: 34:07: 7:16/M

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