Monday, July 13, 2009

Racing Journal (July 2009)

Week 30 (7/20-7/26)
Week 30 miles: 20.62
Week 30 race miles: 20.62
2009 miles: 801.14
2009 race miles: 592.48
2009 races: 60

I loved the PCTR Salt Point course and can't wait to run it when I'm in better (non-injured) shape. I think it had the widest variety of running surfaces I've encountered in a single race: pavement, hard dirt trail, fireroad, mud packed trail, creek crossing, rocks, beach, grass and stairs, not to mention it was exceedingly scenic and I liked how close we got to the crashing ocean waves - so close I could smell the seaweed and was scared I might fall in! All that being said, my heel/achilles or something is seriously messed up from the Sequoia 30K last week and I'm just doin' what I can to fix it up before: 1) thursday (DSE race - havent missed one yet); 2) Skyline 50K (sunday); 3) Dammit Run and Modest Half (same day) or 4) Pike's Peak - these are in sequence so maybe I'll have to miss DSE this week! On top of that, I've had to skip a couple soccer games (playing soccer again after fifteen years of not playing and loving it).

Race Stats:
DSE Thursday Night #7: 32:53 (7:19/M); 22/44; 2nd F; 2nd Age
PCTR Salt Point 26K: 2:57:43 [2:55:19 on my watch due to late start]; 22/61 overall; 6th F; 3rd Age

Week 29 (7/13-7/19)
Week 29 miles: 24.1
Week 29 race miles: 23.1
2009 miles: 780.92
2009 race miels: 571.86
2009 races: 58

Well, this week's Thursday night DSE race confirmed my belief that counterclockwise is faster on that course as the total distance you are traveling downhill is much greater. At PCTR"s Sequoia (30K), I started off easy and was really enjoying the race through the shady redwoods, just not worrying too much about race place etc, conserving energy for the second half of the race. I was thinking how the Sequoia race is the quintessential northern California trail race, with shady and exposed trails, sand, dirt, technical ups and downs, beautiful vistas and little critters, tons of poison oak and generally happy runners. I made the mistake of counting my blessings that I wasn't injured and only had some minor aches when, right before the turn around, my right ankle started hurting. I don't recall rolling it or anything. It just hurt. So I figured it would go away like all the other aches and pains that come and go on long runs. It didn't. It got worse. Not so bad I couldnt finish or had to walk (at least not b/c of the ankle) but by the time I did finish, I was limping. And now it's Tuesday and I'm still limping. Doesn't really hurt, isnt swollen or discolored, just doesnt like being used to walk. My sports massage guy worked out some of the kinks yesterday, but it's not back yet. The whole thing made me mad because I had to miss my absolutely favorite DSE race - the Daly City Scenic Run and, on top of that, some people double up and did the 5K then the 6.8M, which I might have done if I werent injured. Grrrr. At least I volunteered. Next year Daly City hill antennae - you're mine!

Race Stats:
DSE Thursday Evening #6 - 32:03; 7:07; 18/48; 2nd F
PCTR Sequoia 30K - 3:30:31; 18/58; 6th F; 4th Age

Weeks 27 & 28 (6/29-7/12)
Week 27 & 28 miles: 47.06
Week 27 & 28 race miles: 40.86
2009 miles: 756.82
2009 race miles: 548.76
2009 races: 56

Whirlwind of races! 10 races in two weeks - a record number for me by far, though they were all short. DSE Thursday evening, three in a row (1M, 5K, 10k) Friday night in Florida, 5K Saturday morning, a beach 5K Tuesday evening, a regular 5K Wednesday evening, back to SF for Thursday evening DSE race, Sklyand Mountain 10K Saturday and DSE 8K Sunday! Highlights were the night 10K in Florida with the frogs (we think) croaking (though someone at the race was sure it was some type of insect), my first race on a beach (not as hard as I thought it would be), the amazing breakfast spread after the Skyland 10K in Los Gatos (highly recommend this race) and my new 8K PR (by over a minute)!

Race Stats:
DSE Thursday #4 - 32:26; 7:12/M; 14/48; 1st F
Kiwanis Midnight Mease 1M - 6:30; 3rd F
Kiwanis Midnight Mease 5K -23:24; 18/585 F; 3rd Age
Kiwanis Midnight Mease 10K -54:20; 29/173 F; 4th Age
Lutz Independence Day 5K - 23:05: 5/132 F; 2nd Age
Jim Fixx (Siesta Key Beach) 5K -
Summer Series Challenge #2 (Al Lopez Park) 5K - 22:23; 2/29 F; 1st Age
DSE Thursday #5 [stats to come]
Skyland Mountain Run 10K - 48:05; 3rd F
DSE Kennedy Drive 8K - 36:07; 7:16/M; 53/158; 4th F; 1st Age - PR

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