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Running Journal January 2009

Week 5 (1/26-2/1)
Week 5 miles: 35.6
Week 5 race miles: 13.1
2009 miles: 141.6
2009 race miles: 71.7
2009 races: 6

Nothing so exciting as snowshoeing this week, but I did manage a PR at the Kaiser half, which I think was long overdue considering my Phoenix marathon split beat my old PR and my old PR was from the San Francisco half (the first half), which is hillier than most halfs and definitely hillier than Kaiser (net downhill). I liked the course - it was a combo of different DSE races I've done, so I felt comfortable and was able to just enjoy myself. I also liked the out and back piece along the Great Highway because it gave you a chance to see the front runners as well as faster friends go by on their way back. It's an expensive race though, so I think if I do it again, I'll try to register in advance. The bad news is that, even though I was fine during the race and after, I sat down to do work on the couch that day probably for way too long without standing , and so when I finally did stand up, my hip/glut hurt...and they still hurt, and it's Wednesday now. I wouldn't care, except I have the Jed Smith 50K this Saturday...and I really want to be able to run it - it's a flat, fast, trail/pavement mix around a 3-mile figure 8 loop, so what's the point of doing it if you can't run well??? I just hope this hip issue dissipates before Saturday...

Race Stats:
Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon - 1:42:02; 7:47/M; 890/5816 overall; 42/630 Age (30-34)

Week 4 (1/19 - 1/25)
Week 4 miles: 15
Week 4 race miles: 6.2
2009 miles: 106
2009 race miles: 58.6
2009 races: 5
I LOVE SNOWSHOE RACING!!! It was so incredibly hard, but after the first half mile of figuring out how the heck to do it and trying to get enough oxygen at our 7,000 or so foot elevation, it was tons of fun and absolutely gorgeous scenery - deep snow and pine trees everywhere you looked. I think the Michigan girl in me appreciated this little taste of winter. I think I have at least some idea of how to snowshoe now, but I could use more practice for sure based on my almost 12 min miles - keeping an eye out for other snowshoe races at this point. Even though it's a bit of a trip to get there, the race itself was great too, with tons of food, prizes and awards after. And, I won! First female (out of six)...Mark McManus was the first male in a time of 50:26...the wonders of small races! :) I'll take what I can get!

Race Stats:
Jazz Trax Snowshoe Stomp 10k - 1:14:47; 6/19 overall; 1st F

Week 3 (1/12-1/18)
Week 3 miles: 26.2
Week 3 race miles: 26.2
2009 miles: 91
2009 race miles: 52.4
2009 races: 4

Well, what can I say about the Phoenix marathon? I can say that the red rocks of Sedona were beautiful (climbed up Bell Rock the day before the marathon). I can also say I now have the experience of running a marathon when things don't go exactly as planned. I started out fine, and hung with the 3:30 pacer group for the first ten miles or so when the stomach issues hit and I had to make the first (out of six) pit stops! When things aren't going well, 26.2 miles seems really, really long. Especially when I was expecting a more interesting course - there wasn't much rock in the rock 'n roll marathon and it was a pretty boring course overall. In the end, I still broke 4 hours with a running finish, but it was a physically and psychologically painful race - oh well, many of them are! I'm not sure why my stomach tripped out so all I can take away is that I think I might be able to do around a 3:30 if things were going perfectly, which is not often the case. I could be all depressed about missing my goal by about a half hour, but a runner I know with lots of experience reminded me that marathon times vary a lot and every one can't be a PR race so I'll take that statement to heart. Maybe I'll try to do more 8 min/mile long tempo runs as part of my training. 'Nuf on that - majorly excited for snowshoe racing next weekend and even for Jed Smith the weekend after.

Race Stats:
Phoenix Rock 'N Roll Marathon - 3:58:31; 9:06/M; 1838/6411 overall; 591/2972 F; 131 Age

Week 2 (1/5-1/11)

Week 2 miles: 41.4
Week 2 race miles: 15.5
2009 miles: 64.8
2009 race miles: 26.2
2009 races: 3

I added spin to my normal training regimen on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and by Thursday I felt like I had run an ultra! I decided I like it, but need to do it less often so my quads don't feel so tired at the beginning of my weekend races! Considering how I felt, I'm okay with my Angel Island results, even though they weren't that great. The first 10K of the race was basically on hilly pavement, which was really difficult for me since my knees had been bothering me from the new spin addition. I don't love the Angel Island course, so I think in the future I should really consider skipping any races in the Baylands or Angel Island. I guess I'll be running the Phoenix marathon this Sunday, which I am feeling ambivalent about. My goal is a 3:35 (~8:12 pace), but there is no 3:35 pacer group so it may be tricky, plus the course is flat, not downhill like CIM, so maybe my goal is unrealistic. We'll see.

Race Stats:
PCTR Angel Island 25K (2,035' gain) - 2:23:21; 6th Age [other stats to come]

Week 1 (1/1 - 1/4)
Week 1 total miles: 23.4

Week 1 race miles: 10.7

2009 total miles: 23.4

2009 race miles: 10.7

2009 races: 2

On your mark - get set - go! A new year.
(I'm three from the right, to left of guy in red)

I've been thinking about my running and racing goals for 2009 and what I hope to accomplish. Aim high, I say.

Here are some highlights:
- snowshoes races!
- 10 ultras, including one 50-miler (if possible)!!!
- Boston,
Phoenix, Alaska road marathons
- Pike's Peak marathon
- DSE series

- PCTR trail running series
- PAUSATF ultra series
- 100 races
- 1,000 race miles

Race Stats:

New Year's Day Run for a Healthy World 10K (mostly flat trail + paved)- 47:31; 7:39/M; 31/182; 2/22 Age; 2nd F overall (out of 85)
DSE Lake Merced 4.5M (paved, mostly flat) - 33.19; 7:24/M; 45/136; 9th F; 4th Age

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