Monday, August 4, 2008

Running Journal Month 8 (August 2008)

Week 34 (8/18-8/24)
Weekly mileage: 33.7
Mileage to date: 881.5

This week I played around a bit with different track workouts. I tried 400m intervals (16 laps w/8 intervals, each rep at around 1:45-1:48, which is faster than my current 5k race pace by a little bit. I also tried doing some strides on friday, the day before the saturday race, not for speedwork, but to loosen up. I did 4 laps with each straight 100 stretch at about my 10k race pace. Sure enough, I felt stretched out and much better after. I like doing the speedwork on my own and trying to keep track of the 200 splits, and I think it'll make me faster. I may try mixing in some 800 intervals, or mile repeats too. Maybe this week I'll do 4x400, 2x800 and then one mile - I think it makes more sense considering the distances I'm trying to race. Oh, and saturday's race, even though I found it last minute, ended up being a really good one because there weren't that many people so I ended up winning it (1st F) and so I got a $100 gift cert for a running store nearby! And then sunday's 5k was a PR (plus we got tix to the Giants-Padres game for later that day after the DSE picnic)! Good weekend overall.

Race Stats:
Mt. Madonna Challenge 12k - 1:09:03; 9:16/M [~1200' climb]; 1st F/13; 12/36 overall;
Plate to Plate 5k - 22:20 [their clock was faster, but I trust my watch]; 7:11/M; 4th Age; [other stats to come] - PR

Week 33 (8/11-8/17)
Weekly mileage: 23.5
Mileage to date: 847.8

This week I did a random 10k trail race in Felton instead of the weekly DSE race on Sunday. The Sunday DSE race was a cross country 5k and 5ks aren't really my favorite. The Felton race was kind of like the DSE Daly City run, with a little less climbing, lots of sand and trails, and more technical downhills. I think it was my first trail 10k because the usual distances are much higher for the trail races that I do... It was harder than expected though, with more climbing in a short distance. Once I figured out where the free pancake and omelette breakfast was located (it was not obvious), I concluded I'd do the Felton race again.

Race Stats:

Race Thru the Redwoods 10k - 51:21; 8:16/M; 4th/43 Age; 102/442 overall; 22nd F [300' elevation]

Week 32 (8/4-8/10)
Weekly mileage: 35.2
Mileage to date: 824.3

This week ended with a trek around Angel Island (two loops around). It was an odd race. I was by myself for a large chunk of the second loop; I literally saw no one. Strangely, I didn't pay much attention to the scenery despite the effort (ferry, etc.) to get there. I thought there would be a barbeque at the end, but I saw no sign of one. Best part is that I made a new running friend, which is always amazing, and so maybe we'll run together sometime soon. since she lives nearby. Sunday's race, however, was totally awesome! I think it must be the best DSE type DSE race (thus excluding the double and practice dipseas) out of all of them. 3.4 miles up a steep, paved road on a mountain, and 3.4 miles down. Totally loved it.

Race Stats:
Envirosports Angel Island 25k - 2:10:33; 8:23/M; 25/93 overall; 4th F; 2nd Age - PR
DSE Daly City Scenic Run -6.8M - 56:32; 8:18/M; 12/39 overall; 1st F (of 9)

Week 31 (7/28-8/3)
Weekly mileage: 40.1
Mileage to date: 789.1

This week I ran two PR races again: the Thursday night DSE 4.5M Lake Merced loop (a PR by about 30 seconds on last week) and the San Francisco Marathon First Half (of the marathon course). It's easy to get a PR when it's a first half marathon! I was loosely aiming at 8 minute miles and ended up at 8:14 per mile, which I think is decent considering the amount of hill climbing at the end of the course (through the Presidio). I thought it would be really hard waking up at 2:45a.m. to start running at 5:30, but it really wasn't - I slept early, got a great night's sleep and felt energized before the race. Anyway, a Boston Marathon qualifying pace is an 8:23 per mile and I feel that if I were on a flat course and had some more long distance flat training in me, I could hit that target without too much difficulty. Don't know exactly what I'm doing as I've signed up for both the Quad Dipsea and CIM which are within a week and a half of each other. I figure that if for whatever reason, injury or whatever, I cannot do the Quad, then at least I can do CIM perhaps. Or, if my recovery time is less than expected from the Quad, I can do CIM too. Or even if I'm still recovering, I can do CIM slowly just to get a marathon under my belt. We'll see. Of course my real running goal is still to do trail running and ultras, and this goal remains the most important to me, but the natural extension of all my little 5ks and 10ks where I pay attention to my times seems to be Boston and a couple marathons. Just for kicks.

Race Stats:

DSE Summer Evening Series 7/31 - 33:39; 7:28/M - PR

San Francisco (First Half) Half Marathon - 8/3 - 1:47:46; 8:14/M; 536/6679 overall; 102/3696 F; 28/1265 Age (30-39) - PR

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